Our approach involves groundbreaking evidence-based psychological and neurological knowledge to literally rewire our brains.


Interventions aimed at enhancing positive work-related well being.


(JITAI) interventions design aiming to provide just-in-time support, by adapting to the dynamics of an individual’s internal state and context.


Stress mindset is your belief about whether stress has enhancing or debilitating consequences. The type of mindset you adopt about stress – either a “stress helps” mindset or a “stress hurts” mindset – highly influences psychological, physiological and behavioral outcomes. (Crum, Salovey, & Achor, 2013).


The ability your brain has to change structure – to “rewire itself” in response to experience. This is essential to how we learn. That is why our programs are experience-based instead of information-based.


Unlike many of other emotional and behavioral digital health developers and providers, we develop products that learn theory and change behavior by providing an experience. The user ‘learns-by-doing’, meaning learning from experiences resulting directly from his/her own actions; instead of learning from watching, reading instructions, description, theory, examples.


An award winning innovative health tech solution that uniquely combines virtual reality, biofeedback technology and applied games to provide a fully personalized digital coach to train players regulate their own stress system, and to develop a new stress-mindset in which stress can also be healthy. We use ground breaking evidence-based psychological and neurological knowledge.

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The first smart table that combines emotion detection software and biofeedback technology to help teams, groups and couples to recognise their emotions and effectively communicate. An unique interactive experience having a table as a coach! A great tool for team building, decision making and communication.

Flo&Gro: The House that Rewires your Brain

A dutch monumental house transformed in one of the first digital emotional and behavioral health interactive expositions in the world! VR, augmented reality, domotica, mHealth and eHealth come together to provide unique experiences to rewire your brain to be more vital and healthier.