Jamzone and her partners will open the 22nd of January 2018, during the eHealth Week, the doors of ‘Flo&Gro’: the house that rewires your brain to be healthier and more vital.

The house itself is the work of art, in which psychology, applied games, virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile health, design and architecture are uniquely combined with emotional and behavioral health.

The main goal is to create meaningful experiences to positively influence and rewire our brains to be healthier and more vital.

This is the ultimate expression of nudging emotional and behavioral digital health in an environment, where the real world is blended with technology in a sensitive and inspiring way.

Everyone is invited to come and visit the Flo&Gro house at the Grote Kerkstraat 31, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. The first digital emotional and behavioral health interactive exposition in the world!

Admission is free of charge.