We will internationally launch our unique Virtual Reality game with biofeedback 'Stressjam' at CES 2018. Meet us in Las Vegas – Eureka Park.

Let's get viral!

Jamzone created the first VR game to improve stress management and mindset for better health and more vitality.

We will explore possibilities at CES 2018 to internationally scale our company, by connecting with potential marketing partners for introducing our Jamzone solution in the US and other countries.

We also want to connect at CES 2018 with research & development partners to eventually adapt our product for a specific segment/target group (e.g. stress regulation for chronic disease patients, athletes, teachers); and/or conduct effectiveness trials, pilot implementation studies in other regions and sectors.

StartupDelta is proud to present the 55 startups selected for CES2018 (Las Vegas 9-12 January).

The focus is Dutch Tech Improving Our Lives. All the selected startups represent the best tech solutions of the Netherlands in the fields of AR/VR, eHealth, robotics, kids tech, mobility and high end audio. The startups will showcase their products at the Holland Startup Pavilion, the largest single country pavilion at CES. This innovative group of startups is led by Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands.

Take a look at all the cool startups that will be representing the Netherlands.