Leeuwarden, 31 October 2017 - Jamzone won with ‘Stressjam’, a Virtual Reality game, the ‘Digital Innovation of the Year’ award; the most important ICT award in the Netherlands.

Stressjam received the price during the ceremony Tuesday the 31st of October at the Computable Awards show at the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht. The ICT magazine Computable had nominated ten digital innovations for this category for the Computable Awards 2017.

During the ceremony on the 31st of October, the Netherland’s most important ICT prices were awarded for the twelfth time to companies, projects and individuals who had explicitly distinguished themselves in the field of digital innovations. The winners were selected by an independent jury.

Psychologist Bernard Maarsingh, Stressjam's creator, was pleasantly surprised: "We had strong competition from fellow counterparts like KPN (Dutch landline and mobile telecommunications company) and Delft University of Technology, so we are very much honored with this price." Stressjam is one of the first products of Jamzone, emotional and behavioral digital innovation lab located in the city of Leeuwarden.

Why Stressjam?

Bernard Maarsingh tells about the relevance and background of the game: "For years, we have been assuming that stress makes us sick and increases the risk of disease, but research from Stanford and Harvard University shows that stress can have positive effects. People who experience a lot of stress but hold a “stress-in-enhancing” mindset, and consider stress to be helpful, belong to the healthiest group of people. If you train yourself to build up a positive mindset towards stress, you will get more focus and energy, a better connection with your environment and develop more problem solving skills."

About Stressjam

Stressjam is a technological innovation in the form of a virtual reality serious game that works with real-time biofeedback. Stressjam teaches the player to develop a new mindset in which stress can also be healthy. The user undergoes a lifelike, interactive experience personalized by using sensors on your body. The participant trains his/her own stress system and learns to use it to develop a positive attitude towards stress. The game is suitable for various target groups and situations, because research shows that only 12% of people know well the benefits of stress. Stressjam can be extremely helpful at the workplace, especially for people in situations where stress plays an essential or relevant role. Another target group that has a lot to do with stress are top athletes. That's why top skater coach Jillert Anema has introduced in 2017 Stressjam as a training tool for his Olympic skate team.

Stressjam works together with education institutes and healthcare organisations

Stressjam has been developed in cooperation with various educational institutions. Students from Friesland College, NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and Hanze University of Applied Sciences were involved in, among other, the technical development and the design. Students of Psychology Post-Master PPO (Postmaster Psychology Education) thought about translating psychological principles into digital applications. Nij Smellinghe Hospital in Drachten gave feedback on sensor technology, user-friendliness and applicability during the development phase.

For more information contact Katherina Martin Abello, CEO Jamzone.
+31 6 54 21 23 88. katherina@jamzone.nl