We transform digital technologies in engaging user experiences and we provide tailored emotional, behavioural and mental health programs for everyone. We all can effectively rewire our brains to be vital, healthy, happy and resilient!

  • Viral

    We want to spread the world with sustainable solutions to strengthen people's mindset and vitality.

  • Innovation

    By creating innovative experiences integrated in every environment: at schools, the city, hospitals... everywhere!

  • Technology

    Using digital technology with engaging interfaces to create real meaningful experiences to rewire our brains.

  • Analytics

    Personalising and tailoring solutions to fit programs to your own life and needs.

  • Fun!

    We can't do without fun, our lab is a great place to be and people love to use our products!

Why is this so important?

Mental disorders are the number 1 burden of disease worldwide (among burden of noncommunicable disorders).

What's happening

  • Mental illnesses in fact are a major cause of disability, economic burden and death worldwide, and level with cardiovascular and circulatory diseases in terms of DALYs.
  • According to the World Health Organisation, by 2020 depression will be the second leading contributor to the global burden of disease across all ages!
  • At the same time there is an overwhelming shortage of professionals to help the people in need.

Our take on it

  • There is strong evidence showing the potential effectiveness of digital technology for preventing and treating mental disorders, also in low-income and middle -income countries.
  • Therefore, we believe that digital technology is one of the solutions that can be applied to mainstream prevention and treatment programs to the people.
  • Additionally, we also believe that playful and delightful user experiences are essential for higher acceptance and adherence, and we want to treat each person according to his/her individual needs: Personalized Care or Precision Health: more preventive, predictive, personalized and precise.

Digital Tech can help!

That is why we are mixing virtual reality, augmented reality, biofeedback technology and games to provide a fully personalised digital coach.


  • Blog: The Stress Game #StressAwarenessMonth

    A few years ago I stumbled upon a most intriguing paper about stress. And one of the main conclusions of a large sized study in 2013 was that ‘people with meaningful lives worry more and have more stress than people with less meaningful lives’ (Baumeister, Vohs, Aaker, & Garbinsky, 2013). Strange, isn’t it?

  • Our CEO, Katherina, on the cover of ICT&health magazine

    Katherina is on the cover of ICT&health magazine, which will be published in February 2018, and talks in her interview about e-Health and Stressjam: "E-Health must be integrated into everyday reality in order to work".

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    "The demo was so short, but it still definitely felt like it had an immediate effect on me."

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    Most of us view stress as that wicked ‘thing’ that has a habit of appearing at the wrong place at the wrong time — like any sane person would. However, one Dutch startup begs to differ.